Aegean Arts Circle Writing Workshops

June 17th-25th 2023

Aegean Arts Circle (AAC) writing workshops are held in Andros, Greece and are led by award winning authors.  

I am honored to announce that I will be working with writer, poet, editor Kristina Marie Darling for summer 2023. (bio in instructor link) 


"This year's scholarship recipients, Abigail Ardelle Zammit and Ming Holden, were selected from an impressive pool of applicants.  I was compelled by these writers' commitment to social justice through writing.  But Zammit and Holden do not simply consider questions of feminism and equality on the level of thematics.  Their investment in creating a more just society is reflected in the music, rhythms, structure, and style of the work.  They reveal the gender politics implicit in a range of literary tropes, from narrative convention to form and meter.  Holden and Zammit show us, with incredible skill and poise, that moving beyond the status quo often means embracing wholly new and original forms of discourse.  Brava!"  

 All the best, Kristina --

Kristina Marie Darling


I want to share MORE wonderful news about writers and fellow AAC participants: Leslie Absher published her book in 2022: Spy Daughter, Queer Girl. 
Kristine Ervin secured a book deal in 2023 and will publish her memoir in the near future. 
It gives me personal joy to know both writers (who attended for several summers) initially through the workshops when they brought their ideas, early drafts of their writing to AAC and shaped their final manuscripts in Andros and later as friends/writers I admire and respect. 

These small writing workshops are intensive and they were created for those of us who need time to get away from our regular lives to write. Since 2003, writers have been arriving from all over the world to be part of something special on a Greek Cycladic island. The place: Andros, the writing workshops: Aegean Arts Circle, the instructors: award winning authors.

There are many choices out there on what to do with your vacation time, your writing and your money especially after having survived the surreal circumstances we all lived through with lockdowns, isolation, and the new world order due to Covid.

Aegean Arts Circle writing workshops are different. Aegean Arts Circle  respects the commitment and financial investment writers make to carve out time for writing. Aegean Arts Circle  gives you what every writer needs: A room of one's own and a small knit writing community - a writing workshop that meets every day and is challenging enough to bring out the best in you as a writer (aspiring or published), the chance to work  closely with talented award winning authors, to be cared for while you focus on creating, be treated to great freshly cooked meals, have ample time to have  your writing read and  commented on because workshop groups are kept intentionally small. New writing always emerges. The island with its serene landscape doesn't hurt either.  
Amalia Melis

June 17-25 2023